• Written by: Jon Smith & Ian Masters
  • Produced by: TBA
  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Running Time: 104mins
  • Awards:
    Page International Screenwriting Competition, 2015 - Quarter-Finalist
    The Nicholl Fellowship Award, 2015 - Quarter-Finalist

The Path


A twist on the hero’s journey in which a Cambodian monk, formerly a badass gangster, is tasked with the return of stolen Angkorian artefacts from a remote pagoda to Oudong mountain, the resting place of Cambodia’s Kings.

This ”robe movie” sees Monkster face physical, emotional and psychological challenges, but ultimately he must face his own brutal past. Is he hiding behind his robes, or is there conviction in his newfound Buddhist faith…? He’s part monk, all gangster and determined to atone, in this life and the next. It’s karmageddon.