• Created by: Jon Smith & Ian Masters
  • Written by: Jon Smith & Ian Masters
  • Status: In Development
  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Format: 12 x 60

Seoul Nights:


Housewife by day, hit-woman by night…


Fourteen years ago Bak Jin-Hee served her country as a Lieutenant in the 707th Special Mission Battalion until an intelligence blunder led to the death of her squad during a covert operation in North Korea. Jin-Hee escaped, but that mission would be her last. Haunted by dreams of her dying squad and suffering from PTSD, Jin-Hee was discharged from the military and cast into a civilian life she had not been trained for…

Now 37, Jin-Hee is a dutiful wife and mother, but preparing Kimchi and raising two rebellious teenage children just isn’t enough to stimulate Jin-Hee’s naturally active mind. When a spate of home invasions occur in her local neighbourhood, and one of her girlfriends becomes a victim, Jin-Hee decides to take the law into her own hands and administer justice. Silent, accurate and efficient, Jin Hee, it transpires, is an effective killer - cleaning up the streets of Seoul and able to be back home in time for breakfast. Jin Hee balances her responsibilities to her husband, home and children with her vigilante escapades.

The stakes are raised however when Lee Du Ho a high-ranking North Korean military defector is paraded in Seoul as a PR coup. Jin Hee suspects he’s not defecting at all, but is in fact on an active mission and she’s the target!

Homeland meets Shiri in a fast-paced TV drama that subverts suburban living at every turn.