safe harbour- TV SERIES

  • Created by: Ian Masters & Jon Smith
  • Written by: Ian Masters & Jon Smith
  • Status: In Development
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Format: 6 x 60

Safe Harbour:

Safe Harbour


When you owe your life to a stranger, how far will you go to repay the debt?


After a RNLI coxswain heroically saves the life of an enigmatic stranger at sea, she moves into the tight-knit Dorset community determined to show her gratitude. But when you owe your life to a stranger, how far will you go to repay the debt?


Safe Harbour is what happens when a feel-good, small-town drama is torpedoed by a psychological thriller. It blends small-town feuds and rivalries with high stakes action at sea and then adds external conflicts which arise from each perilous rescue.
The quaint, coastal calm of Barnescombe Bay is built around its small harbour. There, the struggling RNLI lifeboat station functions as the glue that binds the community together. Kyle drives the series as we explore the consequences of his heroism at sea on his life, relationships and community in the months which follow.
Each Season is framed around the impact of one high adrenalin rescue which brings the outside world, (with all its threats, temptations and problems) into this fragile ecosystem. RNLI Barnescombe is small, underfunded, and under threat of closure by the bigger Weymouth Station. And the small community has its own share of rivalries and challenges. But bigger real-world problems are constantly on its doorstep (or harbour wall). How the community responds to external threats is counterpointed by the multiple community subplots. Each season ends with the equilibrium restored and the community made stronger through its response.
The series explores how volunteerism, community spirit and collective action (warts and all) builds social cohesion in the face of big-city individualism and self-interest – and makes Barnescombe Bay stronger, and better able to respond to real-world challenges, season after season.