• Created by: Jon Smith & Ian Masters
  • Written by: Jon Smith & Ian Masters
  • Optioned by: Cristaldi Pics
  • In Association With:Apulia Film Commission
  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Format: 8 x 60

Radix: Otranto:


Beneath the Mediterranean sun, shadows loom darker.


Radix: Otranto

When migrants wash ashore in Otranto, the sleepy Italian town is exposed as a launchpad for a European trafficking network – and the origin of a deadly viral outbreak. Has MI6 asset and survivor, Ama, contained a bio-terror attack? Or is she a radicalised terrorist exploiting Europe’s virulent attitude to migrants as the primary weapon to destabilise the continent?


An 8-part political thriller in which a small town in the heel of Italy, emerges as Europe’s Achilles’ Heel. MI6 asset, AMA, is convinced that an Albanian trafficking route from Libya will be used to launch an attack. But her handler seems disinterested. In desperation she turns to her estranged father, VICTOR, and his SO15 Counter-Terrorism channels. But Victor is retired, and suspects Ama has been radicalised. When the bodies of migrants wash ashore, Ama nearly dead among them, the sleepy town becomes the frontline in Europe’s battle with the far-right. Has the attack been stopped or is it still in play? And was Ama part of it? Ama is forced to work with Victor and ANTONIO, a compromised Italian detective, facing their own prejudices and suspicions, as Otranto and its polarised population descends into chaos. But this is not a typical Islamist terror attack. It is far more contagious. They uncover instead an opportunistic bio-terror plot to use Europe’s virulent attitude to migrants as the primary weapon to destabilize the continent. Otranto is Mediterranean noir; noir in its themes and approach, but picture-postcard beautiful under the punishing glare of the Mediterranean sun.