• Created by Ian Masters & Jon Smith
  • Written by: Ian Masters & Jon Smith
  • Produced by: Cristaldi Pics
  • Co-Produced by: BlackBox Multimedia
  • Distributed by: Eccho Rights
  • In Association With:Apulia Film Commission
  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Format: 10 x 52

Radix: Season 1 - Otranto

Radix poster art


Radix: Season 1 - Otranto

Separated after Tunisia’s “Jasmine” revolution, twin sisters find themselves on opposite sides of a terrorist attack on the heart of Christianity – the Vatican. Amal, coerced into the French Security Service, is forced to choose between stopping the attack, or saving her sister Neda from her radicalised path.


A terrorist and a secret agent. One looking for revenge, the other for redemption. Enemies bound by blood. Two sisters at the centre of a global conspiracy...

RADIX is the story of two sisters, Neda and Amal Mansour. Twins, two sides of the same coin, inseparable. Until a cruel twist of fate splits them apart, and they find themselves pitted against one another, on the opposing sides of a conflict which risks escalating beyond anyone’s wildest fears.

In the aftermath of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution, twin sisters, AMAL and NEDA MANSOUR (27) take radically different paths. Amal is a secret agent working for the DGSE in Libya, while Neda is radicalised and joins the ranks of ISIS commander, Abou-Sahkr. Beneath both sisters’ exceptional abilities, simmers a shared sense of betrayal that Western powers have failed North Africa and are now washing their hands of the consequences.

Amal tracks her estranged sister down, and discovers Neda’s plans to use a migrant route to smuggle a nerve agent into Europe. In an attempt to stop her, Amal infiltrates the migrant route herself, but as events unfold, she washes ashore in Otranto with scores of half-dead migrants... her sister having vanished into thin air.

Amal finds herself in the middle of the crossfire between far-right politicians wanting to exploit the drowning; DGSE’s internal conflicts which seek to bring her down; and the panic which ensues in the sleepy Apulian town when the nerve agent is discovered. Neda, meanwhile, fights to make her way into the unforgiving world of extremism, determined to carry out a secret act of revenge.

Neither is going to bow down. As their chase continues all the way to St Peter’s Square in Rome, it becomes clear that the two sisters are just two pawns in a conspiracy much bigger than either of them or the story that they share. Amal is determined to expose the truth and bring her sister back from the brink, while Neda takes a path of vengeance in what she sees as an irreparably broken world.

If Amal is on the side of hope for humanity, justice and human values, Neda is on the side of darker nihilism, resentment and revengeful hatred. They are each other’s antagonists, bonded by blood, love and the guilt of their own trauma. A fracture relationship that drives the narrative through multiple seasons.