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The Last Reel

  • Indiewire

    “The Last Reel” has both educational and deeply emotional impact… affecting and gripping… a passionate cri de coeur.”

  • Empire

    “The spotlight falls on another lost tradition in Kulikar Sotho’s The Last Reel, a deeply moving memoir of the golden age of Cambodian cinema that was all but eradicated by the Khmer Rouge.”

  • Variety

    “The re-emergence of Cambodian cinema continues impressively with “The Last Reel,” a well-produced, thematically rich drama about a rebellious female student in contemporary Phnom Penh”

  • The Hollywood Reporter

    “With The Last Reel, Cambodian cinema’s resurgence as a filmmaking force continues apace.Sotho Kulikar conjures remarkable performances from her lead actresses.”

    The Hollywood Reporter
  • Sound on Sight

    "Female director Kulikar Sotho’s debut is a resonating testament to the power of cinema, the relationship between subjectivity and history, and how society struggles to deal with the ghosts of its past."

    Sound on Sight