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Welcome to Balkon Films.

We connect with audiences through powerful, visual and visceral storytelling

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Recent Work

A selection of our work for television and film

Screenwriting, unleashed

Balkon Films offers a dedicated and comprehensive script writing and development service to production companies and individuals

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Why choose Us

Balkon Films is a bespoke scriptwriting service for television, film and theatre production companies. With a combined 20+ years of experience, we consistently deliver exceptional content, on time, every time.

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Our Mission

Whatever the genre, audiences want and need to engage with characters, be taken on a journey and live vicariously through the whole gamut of human emotion. We deliver a powerful audience experience.

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What you get

Whether originating speculative scripts, delivering commissioned screenplays or adaptations, or working with a director to develop their story on the page, we deliver beautifully crafted production-ready content.

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