• Written by: Ian Masters & Jon Smith
  • Status: In Development
  • Genre: Historical | Thriller
  • Running Time: 90mins
  • Awards:
    PAGE Screenwriting Awards, 2017 - Winner
    Screencraft competition 2017 - Quarter-Finalist
    Hubert Bals Fund, 2016 - Shortlist
    South East Asian Film Financing Forum, 2016 - Finalist
    Tokyo Talents (Berlinale), 2015 - Selected



Two young siblings evade the evacuation of Phnom Penh and disappear into the emptied city as “Year Zero” of the Khmer Rouge holocaust begins. Hiding in the shadows, surviving by their wits, and constantly on the run in the post-apocalyptic ghost town, formerly privileged Sambath and Sonina kill a Khmer Rouge cadre when their hiding place is discovered. Now wearing the notorious black uniform to avoid capture, Sonina plans her own act of resistance – a daring mission to attack Pol Pot’s motorcade, while her brother urges her to join him in an escape attempt down the Mekong River. But as the moment draws nearer, and they are brought face to face with their tormentors, have they become too similar to the very forces they are trying to oppose?

A visceral, original thriller of survival and resistance set against the stunning visual backdrop of an abandoned city and one of the most brutal social experiments of the twentieth century.

From the writer and producer of The Last Reel (2014), the multi-award-winning Cambodian submission to the Academy Awards.

“Tonally, this script matches the subject matter with plenty of darkness and grit. The setting is…established with a clarity and precision. The dialogue feels understated in a strong way, as this script relies more on images to communicate itself than spoken words.” Blacklist