• Written by: Ian Masters & Jon Smith
  • Produced by: TBA
  • Genre: Comedy | Action
  • Running Time: 100 mins

El Cementerio Inglés


When Alejandro (25), a hapless romantic seeking his fortune in Madrid, is killed in a hit and run and buried in Madrid’s notorious cemetery for the unclaimed. As a ghost, he’s surrounded by criminals and murderers who make his new purgatorial reality a living hell. He’s determined to tell his village fiancée the truth, and more than anything, he wants to be buried back in his ancestral plot. But no one can see or hear him in the real world. When he realises his brother has stolen the deposit he saved for a house and is making a play for his fiancée, he must build allies amongst the thugs in the cemetery and stop his brother marrying Maria. But most importantly he must confront his own gendered prejudices and encourage Maria to pursue her own dreams.